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Modern life should come with a health warning!


We are living in a more technological, toxic world than ever before and we are much busier and have more stressful lives which means we find it hard to take time out for ourselves, switch off and self-care. The food and drinks we have access to these days are generally highly processed, often nutrient deficient and we have become so disconnected from the natural world around us – a place that can truly heal and nourish our soul…if only we had the time to rediscover how. It’s no wonder that many more people are struggling with poor physical and mental health or living with chronic disease these days.

My own health journey

My early years

My early childhood years were healthy and filled with unprocessed fresh food, plenty of outdoor exercise and regular immersion in nature. My dad as a young man was an explorer/mountaineer and he introduced mum to mountaineering.  After they had my sister and I, they were unable to carry on with such extreme activities, but every weekend and holiday time our family would head to the countryside, beach or mountains to camp, canoe, swim, body board, walk or hike. So nature and adventure is in my DNA – I knew nothing else, always outdoors in the fresh air…whether I liked it or not!!

When things started to go wrong with my health

As I got older, started working and moved away from home, this natural healthy lifestyle changed, I started eating quick processed foods most of the time, stopped going outdoors, did less exercise etc. , so looking back, it shouldn’t have been any surprise that after a period of a lot of stress in my 20’s I was struck down with a mystery autoimmune condition that left me hospitalised for weeks then off work for 6 months. During this time, I saw a number of specialists and I was taking a multitude of prescribed medications, including very high doses of steroids, painkillers and antibiotics. Despite this I was getting sicker, plus the long term impact of these medications was starting to have a detrimental effect on my health too. Concerned about this, I spoke to my GP and he referred me to a Homeopath, which for me was truly empowering and life-changing.

Researching into why I got sick

Alongside the Homeopathic treatment, I started researching into potential reasons as to why I had become so sick – exploring what things in my life could potentially be having an impact my health and how could I help myself to get well again. I remember being really surprised at how many areas of my life/lifestyle I had let slip since leaving home and needed to address, but I was mentally totally committed to fight my way back to the good health I had enjoyed as a child.

My first healing journey

After starting to use Homeopathic remedies and making some significant lifestyle changes – eating a healthy diet, taking supplements, getting outdoors again to exercise and recharge, I noticed small improvements in my symptoms after a few weeks, but a full recovery took about 6 months and importantly for my situation included weaning myself off all of my prescribed medications.

A new career!

Shortly after this life changing experience, inspired by my own health and wellbeing journey and a passion to support others to regain their health,  I decided to completely change my career (Financial Consultant) and go back into formal education to study Homeopathy. I qualified as a Homeopath in 2011, then studied for another 2 years and spent additional clinical time in India to get my Post Graduate qualification. Shortly after I created the Be Well Academy and my unique Be Well Programme – designed to provide people with the tools, knowledge, skills and confidence to get their health back on track.

My second healing journey & how I manage my health as I age

Naturally, since my first experience of ill health, I have not been free from health issues, but generally they have not been so severe. This all changed in 2018 when I was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis – I was told that it was the long term effect of a bad car accident I had when I was younger. It’s impact was so severe that it ended up affecting my ability to sit for long periods without being in severe pain and eventually it got so bad that I became unable to work.

After the initial shock of my diagnosis and learning to live with limited mobility, I felt determined to find my way back to health and I literally forced myself back into my programme. Whilst I couldn’t sit down to work, my symptoms were much better for moving around.

With that in mind, I decided that part of my recovery was to become more active and to train to be a beekeeper with my local beekeeping association. This journey helped me not only to learn an amazing new skill, but also gave me the time to re-establish my love and passion for nature. Also during this time I spent 6 months volunteering at our local organic farm – learning about organic fruit and vegetable growing. Alongside doing this hard physical work, eating well, a programme of Homeopathic remedies, Chiropractic treatment, meditation sessions to manage the pain, regular sessions outdoors in nature and importantly finding a new purpose in life…all of these things significantly contributed to my recovery, giving me back my health and the ability to sit at a desk for long periods again to be able to work with clients again.

Following my dream

More recently, to respond to an innate spiritual yearning to live in Scotland by the sea, my husband (an outdoor adrenaline junkie like my dad!) and I moved 445 miles up to the Moray coast enabling us to be totally immersed in nature everyday. It’s a place we already knew really well, we visited the Scottish highlands and Moray coast for over 10 years, several times a year before moving up here to enjoy the outdoors, nature and to rest and recharge. It’s profound how innately healing this whole area truly is – we know how totally uplifted we feel by being able to live the nature based lifestyle this move provides. From walking the dogs along the coastal path, to wild swimming, paddle boarding, surfing, cycling, skiing/snowboarding in the Cairngorms, watching the amazing highland wildlife – from super cute coos, deer and reindeer to seals, dolphins, oyster catchers, gannets and other amazing seabirds – it’s such a magical, much undiscovered area.


My formal qualifications, training & experience


  • NVQ 3 in Self & Environmental Management Skills
  • Registered Homeopath – British Institute of Homeopathy, Egham, Surrey, UK
  • Post Graduate qualification in Homeopathic Medicine – Allen College, Chelmsford, Essex, UK
  • Additional Homeopathic Medicine Clinical Skills training – Bengal Allen College, Kolkata, India
  • Diploma in Human Chemistry
  • Homeobotanical/Herbal Practitioner
  • Natural Animal Centre, Bach Flower Remedies Certified Animal Practitioner/Counsellor
  • Diploma in Nutritional Leadership – Dr Josh Axe, USA
  • Nutritional training – Institute of Optimal Nutrition with Patrick Holford, Richmond, Surrey, UK
  • Clinical skills training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Techniques – York Centre for Mindfulness, York, UK
  • 5 years working as a Senior Living Well Development Officer for Penny Brohn UK – developing and delivering Living Well programmes to people affected by cancer and their carers across the North of England

As well as regular CPD training throughout the year, I  continue to research, test and immerse myself in natural health and wellness.


I took my daughter to see Carolyn because she had really bad molluscum contagiosum. We visited Carolyn at her home where she carried out an assessment of my daughter including her complaint. Carolyn was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We followed her recommendations daily for 8 weeks and the results were amazing. My daughter’s molluscum contagiosum has completely cleared – just tiny scars waiting to fade. I’m very happy with the service Carolyn provided, and more importantly my daughter is too. Really pleased I contacted Carolyn and would definitely recommend her to others.

Laura - Beverley

I was really struggling with my motorcycle test. When I was out with my instructor I was fine, as soon as the examiner came close I was a shaking mess and my mind went empty. Literally froze like a rabbit in headlights. After a short consultation and taking the recommended remedies for one week I was a different person in the test. I was as cool as a cucumber, no shakes and had full use of my brain. Absolutely amazing, I passed with flying colours.
I would definitely recommend Be well academy for any aliments, I know I will be trying homeopathy first in the future.

Sarah - West Yorks

I am a lot better thanks, I have trying to manage my stress levels like we discussed and I am continuing to work on your mindfulness techniques (Walking the dog for 30 mins a day). When I do have a problem with my stomach my tablets are a huge help. But I haven’t had a huge bout for a good few months now.

Gary - Hull

I suffered from severe back and hip pain for over 3 years and my GP said that it was arthritis and gave me pain killers and Ibuprofen gel – didn’t work! It got so bad that I could hardly walk so I went to see a chiropractor hoping she could help. She told me that 2 vertebrae in my back were displaced which was causing my spine to be out of alignment and this is why I was having the problems. After intensive treatment and special exercises, my spine was realigned and I could walk properly again, but the pain was still in my hip joints. I saw Carolyn and she said that she may be able to help with some of her treatments. I was a bit dubious, but I decided to give it a try. Wonderful – those tissue salts and the homeopathic medicines have got rid of my hip problems and also relieved a problem I have in my left foot. I am so pleased I tried the Be Well Academy and would recommend anyone to try their services as they do work.

Sandra - Lincoln

Carolyn at the Be Well Academy has helped me tremendously, I was diagnosed with colon cancer late 2011; following surgery I began a course of chemotherapy. The side effects had several effects on me such as tiredness, depression and neuropathy in hands and feet. Over many months I was prescribed several treatments for each side effect (which were taken alongside conventional medicines), the homeopathic treatments have really helped and improved my condition and general health and wellbeing. Carolyn either saw me or kept in contact via telephone over this period. She has always been concerned about me and made me feel well supported, which I have really appreciated over the past year. I can fully recommend homeopathy – I was skeptical at the beginning, but no longer, from now on I would always try homeopathy.

Anne - Hull

After sustaining a head injury where I was given strong pain killers so I could not function, I turned to the Be Well Academy. Carolyn was very understanding and sympathetic to my needs and after a course of treatment I recovered.

Bryony - Selby

I have suffered with chronic back pain for the last 15 years, my condition includes periodic episodes when my symptoms become acutely painful. Over the years I have tried the conventional medical options which did not help, one time during an acute flare up, my GP told me there would be a 6 month waiting list before I could get any physio treatment on the NHS. I had a consultation with Carolyn at the Be Well Academy and started with a Lifestyle Consultation which resulted in some lifestyle changes (advice on how I could manage day to day stress, information on nutritional/exercise) and some homeopathic medications to take. Whilst I was quite skeptical to start with, the results have been fantastic. Carolyn has always had a pro active approach and encouraged me to take control of my health and to come back to her if I start to experience any further re-occurrences. Although my pain has not completely gone away, it is now very sporadic, maybe once or twice a year. This more holistic approach allows me to sense what’s happening before the pains completely arrive and then I can make the changes/take the remedies that will either take my back out of spasm or eliminate a significant amount of the pain and discomfort that I would have suffered previously. I now manage my symptoms using this approach together with traditional homeopathic remedies and tissue salts – this individualised lifestyle plan helps me to avoid the need for conventional pain killers.

Alex - Moray

After suffering several years from migraines, I had exhausted all areas to try help get them to go away. My last visit was to see a head specialist where I was advised to start taking a mild anti-depressant, this didn’t give me the changes I expected and meant taking a tablet every day for the rest of life. I was introduced to Carolyn and Homeopathy, I hadn’t really heard of it before then. After filling out a questionnaire, I was prescribed my first course of medication, a few weeks later, the headaches very gradually started to ease off. I am still under going treatment, but for different reasons from what I originally started with. My Migraines are virtually none existent now and my sickness at work has improved massively, a long with my lifestyle. I would recommend Homeopathy to anyone

Katy - Preston

My name is Sue and I have been using homeopathic remedies for about 2 yrs now. I suffer from IBS and usually control my symptoms through diet but after a lot of work stress Carolyn suggested I take tissue salts. The reason I like them is that they really helped ease my pain and there are no side effects either. Very easy to use and they work. Also, I have had a lot of pain in my wrist which I wasn’t sure if it was repetitive strain or from a needle stick injury. I have been suffering at work with being a hairdresser, I use my hands everyday. As soon as I started some homeopathic medicine for the first day I had a little pain but after day 2 the symptoms have nearly gone. It’s so nice not to be in pain. And to take something that doesn’t create other symptoms. I’ve never been a fan of taking anti-inflammatory drugs. They didn’t work for me and the side effects on my IBS are never good. Before taking the remedy I had to use a wrist support to help me through a day at work, I haven’t used it since.

Sue - Beverley

I have a stressful job that has demanded working long hours for many years. Carolyn has helped me to manage my general health and well being by being able to notice the initial signs of tiredness, poor sleep etc and, at this stage, I know that I need to focus more on my wellbeing again, pick up the meditation/mindfulness skills I have learnt and take an individualised Bach remedy that I use. Once I make these changes, I quite quickly (within about a week) notice a significant positive change in my well being and general outlook. This treatment, together with additional support from Carolyn, has helped me to successfully manage my job and to recognise the importance of trying to have a healthy work-life balance.

Paul - Aberdeen

I first came across Carolyn and the Be Well Academy when I was desperately searching the internet for alternative therapies to help me to start a family. I struggled to conceive due to endometriosis and having tried conventional procedures to remove the endometriosis alongside extra support to help with diet & vitamin supplements from a London Clinic, I still failed to get pregnant. I tried everything: acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, yoga nidra. Carolyn was the first person to look at my health history from childhood & focus on all aspects of my well-being. I’d had facial acne for years and I was always sure I had hormonal imbalances. My GP put me on the contraceptive pill at 16 to try to help it but the results were short lived. In my bid to get pregnant I also had 3 miscarriages along the way. Carolyn not only helped me with homeopathic remedies to address my infertility and miscarriages but all aspects of my wellbeing including having a positive impact on my mental health. I am sure this combined approach was the biggest contributing factor in my conceiving 2 beautiful children. My children are now 4 years old and 8 months old and I continue to have regular appointments with Carolyn to keep me on top on my well being and I have even started using homeopathy on my children with amazing effects. I can’t recommend Carolyn and the Be Well Academy highly enough.

Rachael - East Yorks

Not sure what to say, as I don’t usually leave reviews except that I’ve been seeing Carolyn now for a number of years and at first thought, not sure what she could offer that would help me. Completely wrong! Since then I’ve lost my mum, had cancer and in following what Carolyn has suggested from detoxing antibiotics and general anaesthetics to sorting out my gut microbiome and help with dealing with long term grief I’m amazed how I’ve improved - confirmed with my latest blood tests from my doctor too. Still cancer free at my last checkup - working with Drs and homeopathy - in other words treating the whole person. Long way to go but so glad she is with me on the journey and I’ve already learnt such a lot!

Kay - Lincolnshire