Be Well Programme

Homeopathy, Nature’s Medicines & Lifestyle Coaching

The Be Well Programme is a personalised, holistic, wellness programme designed to inspire and support you to optimise your health and wellbeing. It’s based on 10 well researched foundations which I call a full Wellness MOT

  1. Eat well ‘Let food be thy medicine’ Hippocrates – personalised nutrition, hydration and supplement plans
  2. Digestion & gut health – often many health issues can be traced back to poor gut health; providing you with support to heal and replenish your gut
  3. Reducing your toxic load – raising your awareness of environmental toxins that can be harmful to health, helping you to reduce your toxic load and rebalance naturally
  4. Mental & emotional wellbeing – supporting you to build mental and emotional resilience by providing a safe space for you to talk and introducing you to a range of tools and techniques known to improve mental and emotional health including; meditation, mindfulness and journaling
  5. Exercise, getting outdoors & connecting with nature – inspiring you to re-connect with and immerse yourself regularly in nature in order to nourish your mind, body and soul
  6. Sleep well – natural solutions for sleeping problems
  7. Exploring relationships & life experiences – to consider their impact on your health
  8. Find your Ikigai – helping you to nurture your spiritual self and explore your purpose in life
  9. Homeopathy & natural medicines – personalised prescriptions including: Homeopathic remedies, Homeobotanicals/Herbals, Flower Remedies and Biochemic Tissue Salts.
  10. Private heath screening & testing – facilitating access to private external health screening – blood, allergy, hair and other testing. This testing is provided by external providers and in some circumstances your NHS healthcare provider.

Starting your wellbeing journey

Your wellbeing journey begins with a FREE 15 minute chat where we talk briefly about your circumstances and how the Be Well  Programme may benefit you.

If you decide to go ahead, we get you booked in for your initial Health & Wellbeing Assessment consultation which lasts up to 1 hour 30 mins.

Before your initial consultation, I will email you some paperwork to fill in.

Appointments can be face to face or online and evening appointments are also available if required.

After your consultation, depending on the complexity of your needs, it can take me a few days to reflect on your situation and create your personalised Be Well Programme which is then emailed to you.

If you need any Homeopathic/natural remedies, they are usually ordered directly with a Homeopathic pharmacy (prescription/full instructions given) who you pay directly and they will post your remedies out to your home.

What’s included in your initial consultation

  • A holistic Health & Wellbeing Assessment
  • A personalised Be Well Programme/Prescription tailored to your personal needs
  • Option of access to a FREE Nutritional Health Assessment covering nutrition & a personalised supplement plan provided by a Nutritional Therapist (external company)
  • A FREE Eating Well E Book
  • Ongoing access to Be Well Academy discounts on supplements & wellness products via the Be Well Academy Private Members Club

To support you on your Be Well journey and to monitor your progress, regular follow up sessions are recommended. These sessions are usually monthly or bi-monthly and last for up to an hour. Additional 1:1 therapeutic sessions can be arranged too.

Contact/book your FREE 15 minute chat

Before undertaking any Be Well Programme, you are advised to inform your GP/healthcare practitioner to ensure that any treatment plans are appropriate for you and will not interfere with any health condition you may have or any medication/treatments.