Be Well Programme

What is a Be Well Programme?

A Be Well Programme is a personalised wellness plan, created just for you which takes a holistic, whole-lifestyle approach and is designed to support you to re-programme your health and wellbeing. Your journey starts with a comprehensive health and lifestyle mapping process, working through 10 well researched foundations known to support people to achieve better health. I call them the 10 Be Well Essentials they are:

  1. Nutrition/hydration
  2. Gut Health
  3. Health screening & testing*
  4. Tox/Detox
  5. Mental health & emotional wellbeing
  6. Exercise
  7. Sleep
  8. Relationships & life experiences
  9. Spiritual self – finding purpose/connection
  10. Homeopathy – holistic, integrative healthcare to support your wellbeing journey

* Health screening and testing is facilitated by external providers and in some circumstances your GP in order to try to identify cause(s) of your health challenges.

From there, we work together to create your personalised Be Well Programme – based on your health and wellbeing goals. This programme and your goals are reviewed regularly and adapted over time to support you re-programme your longer term health and wellbeing.

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Getting started…

The process starts with me emailing you some paperwork to complete ready for your first consultation. This helps you to reflect on your current circumstances and what you hope to achieve as well as giving you time to gather information about your health history and lifestyle. All consultations are now done online, or they can be done over the phone if that works better for you.

Your initial consultation can last up to 2 hours. During that time, we will talk about your health challenges and wellbeing goals, the sort of things we will cover are:

  • Your health history
  • Family history
  • Any medication/supplements you are taking
  • A weekly food/drink diary
  • Environmental chemicals/toxins you are exposed to
  • Day to day stresses, how you deal with them & your emotional wellbeing
  • Exercise
  • How well you sleep
  • Relationships & life experiences
  • Spiritual self – finding your true purpose in life

What happens next…

Following your consultation, I will undertake an initial case analysis which may take a few days. When that process is complete, your initial personalised Be Well Programme will be emailed to you along with some goal setting tools to help you to formalise your wellbeing goals.

A personalised Be Well Programme could include…

  • Feedback on your weekly food & drink diary
  • Access to a FREE Eating Well ‘E’ book written by qualified Nutritional Therapists
  • Recommendation to complete a FREE Health Questionnaire for personalised advice on what supplements you need to take – service provided by an external Nutritional Therapist
  • Links to information about how you can improve your gut health
  • Suggestion to have a hair test to find out how your body is functioning on a day to day basis, what specific foods are good for your body and what foods aren’t, plus an analysis of what minerals your body is short of/has too much of, together with a personalised supplement plan designed to bring you back into balance
  • Recommendation for you to contact your GP or other private healthcare provider for further tests/investigations
  • Plan to eliminate/reduce your day to day exposure to chemicals/toxins
  • Relaxation, mindfulness/meditation techniques to try
  • Exercise tips
  • Strategies to improve your sleep
  • Recommendation to self refer to other specialist NHS healthcare providers e.g. Talking Therapies
  • Reading list to explore your sense of purpose/direction in life if you are feeling unfulfilled
  • A personalised homeopathy/balancing/detox support plan

In order to monitor your progress, you will be offered regular follow up appointments every 4 weeks which will last up to 1 hour. During these sessions, your personalised Be Well Programme and wellbeing goals will be reviewed.

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Before undertaking any Be Well Programme, you are advised to inform your GP/healthcare practitioner to ensure that any treatment plans are appropriate for you and will not interfere with any health condition you may have or any medication/treatments.