Be Well Programme

The Be Well Academy’s unique Be Well Programme

This 10 step Be Well Programme is a well researched holistic, wellness programme designed for both groups or individuals.

The programme is completely flexible, allowing people to create their own personalised plan to optimise their long term health and wellbeing. Areas covered are outlined below…

  1. Eat well ‘Let food be the medicine’ Hippocrates
  2. Digestion & gut health – often many health issues can be traced back to poor gut health
  3. Reducing your toxic load – raising your awareness of environmental toxins that can be harmful to health, helping you to reduce your toxic load and rebalance naturally
  4. Mental & emotional wellbeing – supporting you to build mental and emotional resilience by providing a safe space for you to talk and introducing you to a range of tools and techniques known to improve mental and emotional health including; meditation, mindfulness and journaling
  5. Exercise, getting outdoors & connecting with nature – inspiring you to re-connect with and immerse yourself regularly in nature in order to nourish your mind, body and soul
  6. Sleep well – natural solutions for sleeping problems
  7. Exploring relationships & life experiences – to consider their impact on your health
  8. Find your Ikigai – helping you to nurture your spiritual self and explore your purpose in life
  9. Introduction to natures medicines – including: Homeopathic remedies, Homeobotanicals/Herbals, Flower Remedies, Biochemic Tissue Salts &  Crystal Healing
  10. Private heath screening & testing – facilitating access to private external health screening

Starting your Be Well journey

Your Be Well journey starts with planning a FREE 15 minute chat where we talk briefly about what you are looking for and how the Be Well Programme may benefit you or your group.

Examples of services that can be provided

  • 1: 1 appointments
  • Group wellness sessions
  • Wellness education talks to local groups
  • Access to the Be Well Academy 10 Steps to Wellness E book
  • Access to Be Well Academy discounts on supplements & wellness products via a Be Well Academy Private Members Club

Contact/book a FREE 15 minute chat

Before undertaking any Be Well Programme, you are advised to inform your GP/healthcare practitioner.