Wellness Practitioner & Educator

Empowering people to re-programme their health & optimise their wellbeing by... reconnecting with the body’s innate healing systems, nature & nature's medicines... nourishing the mind, body & soul... in order to heal & thrive

Reconnect ~ Nourish ~ Heal

Would you like to feel less stressed, have more energy, sleep better, look younger, lose a bit of weight and be more resilient to everyday illnesses, or perhaps you would you like an alternative viewpoint to managing a chronic condition? Let me show you how you can learn to tune into your body and what it is trying to tell you, reconnect with your innate healing systems and use nature’s medicines plus simple life/lifestyle changes to optimise your health and wellbeing!

My flexible Be Well Programme covers 10 unique Be Well Foundations that you can tailor to meet your health and wellness goals. Please get in touch to find out more! 

I am currently based part time in the Portsoy Marble Shop, Portsoy, Aberdeenshire. If you are interested in learning more about natural health and wellness, why not pop in for a chat or join my Be Well Academy Facebook page